Middlesex Habitat for Humanity

Westbrook Home Build at 382 Hammock Rd N

July 8th - November 25th, 2020
382 Hammock Rd N, Westbrook

Safety Protocols for Volunteers
• Stay home if sick; any employee/volunteer/contractor/visitor showing symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave the job site and return home
• No more than 8 volunteers on the job site
• Volunteers will need to fill out a Volunteer Self-Declaration Covid-19 Questionnaire to be on site
• Temperature will be taken when you register
• Practice social distancing when you can – even during break and lunch
• Masks must be worn at all times; masks will be supplied by MHFH
• All volunteers will need to wear washable work gloves and eye protection; MHFH will provide
• Access to hand sanitizer throughout the jobsite…porta potty, near water, etc.
• No communal coffee breaks or lunch…meaning people have to have individualized breakfast snacks and lunches (if a group orders sandwiches for people, with individual chip bags, that’s okay), everything has to be wrapped individually. No coffee will be served and boxes of donuts are not allowed. MHFH will provide individual wrapped snacks for break.
• MHFH will provide individual bottled water
• No outside visitors will be allowed on site, unless they were granted permission prior to their arrival. All visitors will need to sign a log with the time they were in and the time they were out. Visitors will also need to do a Self-Declaration Covid-19 Questionnaire, if they will be on the jobsite near staff and volunteers.
• All communal tools will be to be cleaned periodically during the day
• Volunteers may not be permitted to use their own tools on job sites
• For those who have not registered on line, volunteers are required to sign MHFH’s volunteer waiver
• We have established and continue communication with state and local authorities to determine current mitigation levels in our community and will amend this guidance as necessary.

Sorry, there are not any shifts available online at this time.